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Gert Lush: The highest form of praise that can be given to anything by a Bristolian.

(Quote by The Urban Dictionary)

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Limited Edition Hand Made Jewellery, Bags, Home Decor & Art Work

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"I have 3 Gert Lush bags - I'm worried about addiction!  The first was a Melissa in black and white, by request, the second a bright pink tote bag - I just couldn't let it go. So when a needed a bag for my new laptop where else should I go?  Made to fit my laptop with padding and pockets in delicious greens and yellow - wow!!  I'm trying not to add the small square handbag - but it's just perfect..........." Pauline Wicks

"We bought a few things from Gert Lush Designs at the Frome Supermarket last Sunday. They really are top notch. The bag is the most beautiful design and the colours are fabulous. Really top quality art work in a card I bought. What a talented lady :) " Chris Le Potter

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