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Favoured by celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Hilary Duff, Alanis Morissette, Tori Spelling and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, Belly Bump Painting has become the latest trend in pregnancy momentos.


Perfect as a baby shower activity or mum-to-be gift, pregnant belly painting is a safe, relaxing and fun way to capture this exciting moment in time.

By artistically photographing your completed belly painting, we are able to preserve it as a beautiful piece of highly personalised art that can be hung in the baby’s room or kept as an heirloom.


The best time to do this is a few weeks before you are due, just incase baby comes early and we lose the chance!!


I usually allow a couple of hours for a bump painting, this is not something I want to rush! I work closely with the mum-to-be to establish the type of design you would like and the colour scheme. Skin tests are available in advance for those with sensitive skin.

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"Sharon is a lovely lady who made me feel completely comfortable when painting and henna-ing my bump. The end result of both was breathtaking and the pictures I will cherish forever. A different and amazing way to remember my bump. Words can't explain how pleased I am! What an amazingly talented lady!!" Jade Jemmett

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If you are interested in having your bump painted then do get in touch with me by email to sharon@gertlushdesigns.co.uk so we can discuss your requirements

Pregnant ‘Belly Bump’ Painting

Prices start from £50 and include a high res digital image of your finished design.


I like to encourage partners/husbands and siblings to get involved or I am happy for the image to just be about you and your bump.

What do my customers say........

I cannot recommend Sharon's design skills highly enough. Combined with her friendly, warm personality I found it a hugely affecting experience having my bump painted. Strangely, for someone who was at that enormously uncomfortable late stage of pregnancy, I found the process of talking about and designing the artwork, and then the painting itself really pleasurable. From an emotional perspective, it allowed me to admire and share my bump at a time when I could barely look at it. It was a wonderful, empowering, confidence-boosting experience and one I hugely thank Sharon for" Deb McCormick-Guest

"Sharon is a fabulous henna artist ... I have had the pleasure of her designs on my hands arms and baby bump. They were long lasting, detailed, well executed and unique. I had my bump done at the end of my pregnancy and was delighted it lasted thru my hospital labour. This meant the world to me as it was like taking the threads of my individuality and the love and care of a friend in to that very clinical environment. Thank you" Tamsyn Carey

"I've had the pleasure of being henna'd by the lovely Sharon more than once and can hand on heart say she made me feel so comfortable. I chose to have my baby bump decorated as its believed to bring good luck and even used Sharon's fabulous skills for my name reveal. All designs i have recieved have been free hand but they havent be short of detail or intricacy. Loved every single one i received... Infact writing this has made me want some more! Lol" Jade Jemmett