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Christmas Doodle Competition

By Sharon Fielding, Dec 5 2016 02:44PM

Tis the season to keep the kids occupied and also for us adults to squeeze in a little sanity time :-)

I have been asked numerous times to do some doodle cometitiions so here is my first one for everyone. I have drawn out the bare bones for you to work with so no one gets faced with a scary bit of blank paper plus it keeps things fair if we are all working on a set design to start with. Working from the same starting design here is what I have done with it......

As you can see I have enjoyed a full on doodle frenzy :-)

This competition is open to all ages and the prize will be a £5 gift voucher to spend on this site. Competition entries should be emailed to me at sharon@gertlushdesigns.co.uk before Wednesday 21st December. You can enter as many designs as you like.....have a doodle and then scan your design or take a photo of it. I will choose my favourite and announce the winner on my blog on Thursday 22nd December.

I have drawn out the base design for you so all you need to do is right click and 'save image' then print it off and get the pens out. I have set it out so it can be used as a Christmas card in itself, print it onto card and then fold it in half. It should print fine onto A4 card. If you have any problems then drop me an email and I can email it to you instead. Here is the base design.......

Feel free to add colour, there are no rules apart from the fact it needs to be filled in by hand.

Good luck everyone and happy doodling!!

Dec 6 2016 06:07PM by Kristin L Miller

This is a great idea! I'm always looking for inspiration and nothing beats drawing, doodling, or coloring. It looks like you've covered it all. So, how does this work? How do I enter the competition?

Dec 6 2016 06:15PM by ladylurke

Hi Kristin, thanks for your comment :-)

As it says in my blog post right click on the competition image and click on save image. Open that up on your computer and print it. Take a photo or scan your finished entry and then email it to me at sharon@gertlushdesigns.co.uk before Wednesday 21st December to be in with a chance of winning.

Good luck but most of all have fun!


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