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Gert Lush: The highest form of praise that can be given to anything by a Bristolian.

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By Sharon Fielding, Dec 5 2016 02:44PM

Tis the season to keep the kids occupied and also for us adults to squeeze in a little sanity time :-)

I have been asked numerous times to do some doodle cometitiions so here is my first one for everyone. I have drawn out the bare bones for you to work with so no one gets faced with a scary bit of blank paper plus it keeps things fair if we are all working on a set design to start with. Working from the same starting design here is what I have done with it......

As you can see I have enjoyed a full on doodle frenzy :-)

This competition is open to all ages and the prize will be a £5 gift voucher to spend on this site. Competition entries should be emailed to me at before Wednesday 21st December. You can enter as many designs as you like.....have a doodle and then scan your design or take a photo of it. I will choose my favourite and announce the winner on my blog on Thursday 22nd December.

I have drawn out the base design for you so all you need to do is right click and 'save image' then print it off and get the pens out. I have set it out so it can be used as a Christmas card in itself, print it onto card and then fold it in half. It should print fine onto A4 card. If you have any problems then drop me an email and I can email it to you instead. Here is the base design.......

Feel free to add colour, there are no rules apart from the fact it needs to be filled in by hand.

Good luck everyone and happy doodling!!

By Sharon Fielding, Nov 15 2016 07:30PM

Give someone a Gert Lush Christmas without breaking the bank. I have a range of products available for £5 from unique funky purses to earrings, bag charms and pendants. All made with love to bring a smile to your friends and family for Christmas.

By Sharon Fielding, Oct 9 2016 02:02PM

I am known to many as being rather OCD at times. I make bags with many pockets as I hate rummaging around trying to find things!!

If we think of the humble purse as more than just a place to keep our money it opens up many more possibilities for it's uses. I have several in my bag to further feed my OCD habits. Each one is a different fabric so I know I need the lovely orange one for my headphones, The blue campervan one for my business cards and the purple flowery one for my MP3 player and it's leads.

Gone are the days when I go to get something out of my bag only to find my headphones are wrapped round it plus something else in there has also joined the party.....does anyone else suffer with that??

If like me you have a need to keep your life in order and know exactly where to find things then do feel free to skip over to my purses section Here

This brings me nicely to the October giveaway. I am giving 2 people the chance to win thier favourite purse. All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter at the top of my site and then leave a comment on this blog post letting me know which is your favourite purse..

The winners will be chosen at random on 31st October and will be notified by email.

If you think you have friends who would also like a pocket of joy then do please share this for me on social media.

Good Luck to all :-)

By Sharon Fielding, Jan 23 2016 07:26PM

I have been doing research today on the safety of henna during pregnancy.

There is no reason why you can’t have a Henna Tattoo while you are pregnant. However you should be careful with what the henna is mixed with as the paste usually contains essential oils.

As ever I would always advise you to buy your henna from a reputable source or ensure that your henna artist does! make sure you know what essential oils are in each blend. The majority of henna paste is mixed with Cajput oil which should be avoided during pregnancy as well as Mehlabiya, Teatree, Clove & Mustard Seed.

Henna mixed purely with lemon juice and pure lavender oil is the safest blend to use during pregnancy and for children under 5 years old.

You can find more information regarding using essential oils during pregnancy HERE

If you would be interested in booking a henna bump design then do get in touch, they are a really special way to remember those special last weeks of pregnancy and a pleasure to create.

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